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Katy's Kandies Enters Columbus Market

When Katy Quigley made the first batch of truffles that launched her company 33 years ago, it was a happy accident. She originally attempted an old See’s fudge recipe, which turned out disastrously. Undiscouraged, she froze the remaining fudge and rolled it into balls, which she then dipped in melted chocolate. The resulting truffles sold out in a flash; Katy’s Kandies was born.

Quigley currently works a jewelry store day job, making truffles on nights and weekends. Katy’s Kandies are baked fresh and made-to-order, dipped and shipped within 48 hours of placement. Their business is primarily spread by word of mouth – their website launched a mere three weeks back. Interestingly, they don’t intend on expanding to a brick and mortar location anytime soon, though they have begun collaborating with Columbus-based company Signature Wines, most recently for a Valentine’s Day event. Quigley also intends to eventually start a truffle of the month club, using fresh seasonal ingredients.

Katy’s Kandies has their sights set upon becoming the “Tiffany’s of chocolate,” shooting for an upper-middle class audience with a taste for fine chocolate. They’d like to move up to selling at high-end retail stores, like Neiman Marcus. Airport kiosks are another goal, aimed at businessmen and women grabbing something last-minute for their S.O. or kids post-business trip. For now, they’re available online-only.

The Oregon is Quigley’s original truffle, with a ganache chocolate center dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate. Additional truffle flavors include the Sno Cap (fudge dipped in white chocolate), cookies and creme, peppermint cloud, butter creme, and raspberry. Traditional peanut butter-filled buckeyes and smooth English toffee, coated with dark chocolate and almonds, are also available. Assortments are available in two, four, five, eight, and 16-piece boxes.

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