The Story of Katy's Kandies

Hello Sweet Thing! I'm so excited you want to hear more about Katy's Kandies. It all began in 1981 in Oxford, Ohio. I found myself struggling financially, living on a twelve dollar a week grocery budget. I came across a fudge recipe that a famous, high-end candy company had published and decided to spend my entire weekly budget on the necessary ingredients. To my dismay, the fudge didn't turn out and, in a desperate attempt to salvage the last of my money, I froze the failed fudge and prayed for a miracle. I managed to save my failed fudge and turn it into amazing, melt-in-your-mouth truffles. The sales of these same truffles were able to fund my Christmas gift budget that year and every year since. Now, my family and I have decided to make it a full time endeavor.
The demand for my handmade gourmet truffles has continued to grow over the last 35 years along with the request for even more scrumptous treats.Today I offer 8 luxurious handmade truffles, creamy Buckeyes, and decandent English Toffee. All of my gourmet goodies are hand crafted to order within 48 hours of purchase. 
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